Test Executive

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The Serendipity Systems’ Test Executive features an open test environment that provides a controlled and systematic way to run test.  A test is a collection of executable test program modules or Test Objects.  These Test Objects can be developed in a wide variety of Application Development Environment (ADE) tools.  Control is provided by a common test interface, the Test Executive DLL.


The Test Executive has an easy-to-use graphic interface for controlling test selection, execution, and runtime options.  Tests are displayed in a hierarchical list where each entry represents one test.  An end-to-end test is represented as a set of subordinate tests under one parent in the hierarchy.


Executing a parent test automatically runs the end-to-end test.  Subordinate tests can be independently selected and executed as well.  Run options allow the operator to specify looping and stepwise execution.  A Quit button interrupts the current execution, and an Abort button resets the current execution and runs a specified abort procedure. Test progress and pass/fail information is tracked graphically in the test list window.


Test execution history is viewed in the Test Results window.  An independent Debug Log window displays logged data, warnings, and errors from the Test Object executions. Complete test activity and results for a UUT are optionally captured and stored in a Microsoft Access database and accessed by the Test Executive's Report Generator. 


Test Objects are a key component of the Test Executive Architecture.  Test Objects are independent executable modules that reside in a test object pool.  These program modules are test and measurement resources.  The Test Objects operate with the Test Executive through a standard interface that is provided by the Test Executive DLL.  Consequently, Test Objects are developed using any ADE that interfaces to a Windows DLL.  This includes: Visual Basic; Visual C++; Borland C++; and National Instruments LabWindows/CVI as well as others.   A demonstration and a fully functional time-limited version of the Test Executive and companion TPD/TOD Builder can be downloaded from the Downloads & Demos page.


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