Fault Isolation

Tool Set

Serendipity Systems offers a comprehensive set of fault isolation tools for use in functional test systems.  These components operate with a variety of test instruments and development tools.  This provides the user with a wide selection of configuration options.  The modular software has well defined interfaces and is targeted for production test. 



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Development Tools


Fault Isolation Tool Set (FITS) Development System (Part No.: SSID110) — All the software for developing and supporting fault isolation for production testing.  The package includes development and runtime program modules for network-directed guided probe, fault dictionary and graphic browser.  Included is an execution resource and driver set for the Talon SR192A hardware.   Automated probe hardware interface is also available.  The execution resource is compatible with any Windows application that is capable of calling a DLL, making this tool set easy to integrate into a wide variety of host test environments.  Included with FITS is a sample runtime interface with source.


Runtime Components


Fault Isolation Tool Set (FITS) Runtime Only (Part No.: SSIR110) — FITS runtime only software.  Contains all the components of FITS necessary for production test requirements.  Excludes any FITS development tools.



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