SR192A & SR192

Development System

The SR192A Development System is a tool for visually defining timing and table information for the Talon Instruments' SR192A Bus Emulator/Word Generator. The SR192A Development System's advanced user interface design streamlines the process of creating digital tests. This Windows application defines digital test data and timing without cumbersome and arcane programming.

A fully functional evaluation copy is available for downloading.

Digital designs are increasing in complexity while time-to-market is decreasing. A test developer can no longer afford to spend time learning the idiosyncrasies of his test equipment. The SR192A Development System removes the burden of low-level details while still providing access to the full capability of the instrument. This is achieved with a cleanly structured point-and-click interface that minimizes effort and maximizes user feedback. The intuitive operations are aided by drag-and-drop, toolbars, pop-up menus, tooltips, flexible editing and helpful wizards for more complex entry.

Digital data patterns are defined visually via a logic analyzer view. Within this view,

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digital data is set, moved, copied, labeled and highlighted. Carefully selected colors and graphics denote level, direction and mask states. Finally, a test developer can edit all the attributes of a digital signal on one waveform display.


Timing cycles are also defined through a logic analyzer metaphor. This allows the important relationships between timing signals to be readily apparent. The length of a timing cycle can now be specified by period or frequency.


The SR192A Development System also has external utilities and drivers for interfacing with an SR192A. These include an import utility for existing data sets and an automatic hardware configuration extractor. A standalone ActiveX driver (DLL) is provided to load and execute an SR192A from a variety of programming languages and test environments.


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