Having the major topics identified in the order of execution provides a disciplined view for the test program strategy.  There are sections for managing Setup Objects, Action Objects,  Configuration and Power Monitoring.  The Test Object section is particularly useful for quickly building the test strategy hierarchy, configuring prerequisite test

TPD/TOD Builder

The Serendipity Systems’ TPD/TOD Builder is a companion product to the Serendipity Test Executive.  The TPD Builder is a modern graphical application for developing, managing and maintaining test program configuration and runtime enforcement.  The TOD Builder is a convenient graphical interface for defining and managing test object measurement parameters and test limits.


The TPD Builder provides a graphical tree view of the test program configuration, operating parameters, test objects, test flow and sequencing.  Selecting any item on the tree view displays related fields and instructions for the user to fill in and

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conditions and test condition branching.

The TOD Builder provides a convenient graphical interface for defining and managing  test program measurement parameters and test limits externally from test objects.  The TOD Builder also has an XML import/export feature that provides a standard way to extract, analyze and manage test requirement using one of many available XML processing tools.


The TPD/TOD Builder is fully compatible with existing Test Executive TPD and TOD files providing legacy test program support and maintenance.   The TPD/TOD Builder is included with the Test Executive Professional Edition and can be purchased as an upgrade to the Test Executive Standard Edition.  An evaluation copy of the TPD/TOD

Builder is available here.



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