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With Microsoft support of Windows XP ending, there is a significant interest for upgrading computer systems to Windows 7.  To support this, Serendipity Systems has updated the Test Executive (v6.42) and SR192A Development System Software (v4.07) for Windows 7 installations.  The following is a profile of the new release and a summary our existing distribution and support policies:


Windows 7 Software Requirements: any of the following versions;


                 Win Pro 7 SP1 x32  or  Win Ultimate 7 SP1 x32

                 Win Pro 7 SP1 x64  or  Win Ultimate 7 SP1 x64


The updated software is functionally the same as previous versions and is backwards compatible.  Existing/Legacy test programs and applications run without changes with the new software.


New product sales and support:  The new W7-compatible software versions are now shipping with new orders.  Licensing, pricing and support remains the same as with previous software versions.  This includes the SR192A software bundled with Astronics Test Systems SR192A hardware.


Update for existing customers:


Free, for customers that have a current support contract or software support subscription with Serendipity Systems.


Nominal update fee, for existing customers that do not have in-place support contract or software support subscription with Serendipity Systems.  Please purchase an update license directly from Serendipity Systems.  Quantity discount and blanket corporate support contract options are also available.


Please send RFQ, password requests and contact information to:  Include in the email the existing software registration information of User name, Company and software Serial Number.  This can be found by clicking the “Help/About…” menu item on the software application main window.