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Serendipity Systems has a family of off-the-shelf  test software products.  These products include a graphical digital test environment, comprehensive fault isolation tool set, graphic browser, test executive and environmental test management software.  Each component is modular, with well defined interfaces, which allows a range of configuration options. 

SR192A Development System — Serendipity Systems offers a rich set of tools for the Astronics Test Systems (Eads/Talon) SR192A.  The SR192A Development System is a comprehensive application for developing, debugging and maintaining digital test data for the SR192A.  Tasks from design to deployment are easily accomplished without writing a single line of code.  Companion modules include a graphical Sequence Editor and a Test Manager.  A standard ActiveX Automation Driver is included to load and execute the SR192A from a variety of programming languages and test environments.  These include Visual Basic, C++, Agilent-VEE, LabWindows/CVI, LabView and others. 

Fault Isolation Tool Set (FITS) — Serendipity Systems’ fault isolation tools are designed to operate with a wide range of instruments.  The tools include a dynamic fault dictionary, a network-directed guided probe and a graphical browser utility.  The dynamic fault dictionary can be used by itself, or in conjunction with guided probe fault isolation.  The graphic browser provides a visual guide to the UUT.  When coupled with the guided probe, the graphic browser visually shows the test operator where to place a probe during fault isolation.


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Test Executive —  The Serendipity Systems Test Executive coordinates the operation of multivendor instruments programmed in a variety of development environments.  The Test Executive controls the selection and execution of one or more test programs through a graphical interface.  Also included are data logging and debug features.  The Test Executive runs programs generated in Visual Basic, C++, LabWindows/CVI, Agilent-VEE, ATEasy and other popular languages.  The Test Executive Standard Edition is a full-featured installation for developing and fielding test applications.  The Professional Edition consists of the Standard Edition plus graphical TPD/TOD Builder to define and manage test sequencing and measurement limits. 

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