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The Company

Serendipity Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 to provide the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and electronic manufacturing community with test products and engineering services.  Since its inception, Serendipity Systems has been involved in delivering test technology solutions for its clients.  This has included complete test strategies, custom instrumentation, ATE runtime software, test program application development tools and fault isolation tools.

Serendipity Systems has a broad technical maturity, resources and experience in ATE-related hardware and software.  The company has produced custom GUI interfaces, test program application development software, open architecture instrument integration strategies and fault isolation tools in the form of fault dictionary and guided probe processors.  The company has extensive expertise in object-oriented design and VXI system design.


The majority of Serendipity Systems’ business is derived from standard products and the licensing of Serendipity Systems’ designs and technology to other ATE suppliers.  The standard product offerings include ATE test development tools, runtime software, graphic browser and fault isolation software.  The company also provides custom design and development services for those customers requiring special applications.

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